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Satellite Internet from Exede in Tylertown, MS

Exede available in Tylertown, MS from Holmes Satellite and Electronics, LLC

Exede from Holmes Satellite and Electronics, LLC embodies the future generation of rural-based online service. It is ViaSat's latest technology in satellite internet services, with results that exceed those of other providers. E-mails, movies and pictures have never been faster, easier or more detailed to access than with this fast-paced internet. Nothing and no one can surpass Exede's high-quality optimized bandwidth and supreme internet speed for rural residents.

Package Options

The smart consumer can choose from many package options to accommodate both their needs and their budget. Starting at just $49.99, you can enjoy a monthly bandwidth of 10GB, great for those who are new to connecting to the net. Those who use the Internet for only the most basic reasons, including reading up on recent news events, transmitting e-mails to loved ones and researching various topics, will absolutely adore this plan. For an additional $30, you can enrich your multimedia internet experience by increasing the capacity to 15GB. For those who spend much of their time on the computer, the 15GB plan is beyond ideal; this is the plan that will permit you to enjoy graphics heavy sites such as YouTube and Facebook. For a maximum fee of $129.99 per month, this 25GB plan delivers optimum online savings. This 25GB plan is perfect for houses in which many residents surf the net at the same time, and for those who enjoy listening to songs, streaming films and other sizable files. With all of our plans, you receive the same excellence in support that ViaSat has given to all of its customers for years.

Why Choose Exede

HughesNet, an associate satellite internet company of Dish Network, offers the same services as Exede but with many more restrictions. Their system tends to reach a maximum of 250MB every day, disallowing customers from enjoying the World Wide Web as well as its multi-media content to its maximum potential. HughesNet is available in many remote areas of the country where other internet connections are not available.

Cable Internet

Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and other cable companies provide online services that restrict customers to just one provider as well as certain geographic regions in which their Internet cables operate. This can be problematic for those of you who live in remote areas. Many people still use this form of internet as it provides quick download and upload speeds.

Google Fiber - Verizon FiOS

New technology is emerging to bring its wired users exceptional internet speeds! Google Fiber and Verizon FiOS both use fiber optic cable which allows for quick web surfing and streaming. FiOS and Fiber both use fiber optic cable which is a format of cable that uses light to transfer information and not electricity, which is susceptible to resistance. As with every new technology, it takes time for it to spread. Fiber optic internet is only available in select areas from both Google and Verizon.


Since our release at the start of 2012, our high-tech services are now available to anyone. Exede from Viasat offers the best of both worlds: a solid internet connection with satellite reliability in rural areas otherwise limited to DSL and other dial up connections. By making use of the Ka band (a definite trade up from the Ku band that providers such as Hughesnet tend to work with), ViaSat 1 supplies an extended level of bandwidth and speed so you can surf at the same level as those who have cable.

This stellar mix of incredible online technology has been developed and perfected to provide the ultimate Internet experience. You can do it all-and more quickly-with Exede Broadband Tylertown, MS from Holmes Satellite and Electronics, LLC.